Phlebology is the branch of medicine which studies and treat venous disease. Despite the extremely large number of patients affected by venous diseases (it is estimated that more than 50% than adult population in western countries are affected by a venous problem), phlebology as an academic specialization has never been established.
For many years phlebology has been practiced by general surgeons, vascular surgeons, internal medicine doctors, dermatologist and many other different professional medical figures. Recently in many countries also radiologists, aesthetic doctors and many other kind of doctors (even dentists) are practicing phlebology.
A many other field of medicine, phlebology has dramatically changed as recently new advanced treatment have been introduced.
These advanced treatments require special skills and knowledge that can be achieved only after a specific training and special interest in this field.
For those doctors practicing phlebology as a minor part of their practice advanced treatments are not available as they need knowledge and special skills not always part of their training.
As result of this situation medical care in phlebology is often offered to European patient in an old and more invasive manner, with higher cost and poor quality of life.
The need for an “European professional phlebologist” is then felt by those who are practicing phlebology as the main field of their practice. Moreover, even patient’s organization are asking the same advancement to the medical world.
The European professional phlebologist would be the answer to those requests, a professional medical operator that would be able to deliver professional, up to date, less invasive and cheaper treatments to patients with a venous disease.
The TRAPP project wants to describe the path for evaluation and formation of the medical doctor leading to the definition of the skills and the knowledge of the European professional phlebologist. Moreover, we believe that the creation of an European Register of Phlebologist would also be able to control and rule this process in different European countries.